Kokoflo Hoops

The Good Vibe Tribe


Kokoflo is a tribe of soulfully unique flow artists based out of Durham, North Carolina. Through up-tempo music, lyrical choreography, and whimsical flow, Kokoflo strives to spread hoopiness and share happiness wherever they go.

Tribe members are deeply rooted in their communities and place a high value on uplifting women and people of color everywhere. By hosting Hoop Jams, Hoop Dance Fitness Classes and Private Lessons, Kokoflo hopes to foster a safe space for inclusion, play, unity, and radical self-expression.

Kokoflo Hoops has been mentioned in Durham Beat Publication
and has made appearances at a number of events including; Free Things Fest, Bimbe' Festival, Black August in the Park and weekly events at The Bar Durham


Each of our artists is trained in multiple props including; LED and Fire Hula Hoop, Veil and Fire Fans, LED and Fire POI, Fire Staff, Fire Eating, and Fire Breathing


Hoop Dance

Dance, rotate, and spin your way to a fitter, more confident you!

Private Session


a group lesson, private lesson or

hoop/fire performance

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Durham, North Carolina

kokoflo.hoops@gmail.com \\ Tel: 919-764-4674


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